LumiLight VShell Eye Cream


LumiLight VShell Eye Cream


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Control eyebags in just two minutes using the fast working, premium LumiLight eye cream. Built for easy use and no mess, our cream is designed to dissipate eyebags, reduce wrinkles and brighten skin so you can stay confident in any situation.

Benefits of skincare:
1. As someone ages, the skin loses hydration, brightness, and collagen. Proper care leaves the skin looking healthier and younger.
2. Over time, the skin naturally loses elasticity and can appear saggy. This eye cream restores firmness and texture to the skin.
3. A good routine will protect your skin from harmful bacteria and allergens, the skin acts as a barrier that is important to health and wellbeing.

-Reduces dark eye circles and brightens skin blemishes.
-Firms dry and aging skin around the eyes.
-Repairs skin to enhance smoother skin texture.
-Lessens wrinkles by improving skin elasticity.
-Can be used with other skin care products and/or makeup.

1. Use your ring finger for the gentlest touch.
2. Apply a pea sized-amount of cream evenly under the eye.
3. Pat product into your skin and let it absorb for 2 minutes. 
4. Try not to move so the cream can properly absorb.


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