A Healthy Back in 21 Days - eBook - spinedeck


A Healthy Back in 21 Days – eBook – spinedeck


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Ease and prevent back pain with low-impact exercises + lifestyle that strengthen and heal.

This comprehensive guide provides critical information about back pain causes, treatments as well as a holistic plan designed to accommodate a variety of unique lifestyles.

You only need about 20 minutes a day to start helping your back, and this plan will show you the way.

The 21 Days to Back Relief Plan features:

  • 21 days calendar – what you can do, eat and how you can live every day to achieve relief within 3 weeks.

  • Back pain facts― Learn about the causes of back pain, and lifestyle changes that can help you take care of your back and avoid worsening pain. (includes anatomical illustrations that let you see how your muscles work.)
  • Exercise plans― Discover a range of simple workouts, exercises or just stretches, from gentle to advanced step by step illustrated instructions, that combine stretching, cardio, and core strengthening with or without the SpineDeck.
  • Lifestyle guides – Live comfortably while maintaining a healthy sleeping, sitting, and working posture and learn how these along with healthy eating habits and meals can help you reduce back pain.


Includes step by step pain solutions, including illustrations for each exercise, stretch or workout. Moreover, you can find a complete calendar as well as nutritional plan and meals for all the 21 Days.

When you’re hurting, having a pain-free back can sometimes seem impossible. But with this book, your health is in your hands!


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