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Egg Boiler Silicone Mold – theduvely


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Never worry about peeling eggshells off your hard boiled eggs again.
With our egg cooker, you can easily cook your hard-boiled eggs without the shell getting in the way! ?️?️?️

¡Perfect boiled eggs!

Hard-boiled eggs are tasty, nutritious, and convenient, but preparing them can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and messy. Egglettes is the new silicone mold that allows you to cook hard-boiled eggs at any point, without the shell, quickly, healthily and easily. Don’t waste time peeling eggs, just crack, boil and voila!

¡Gourmet presentations!

You can add any extra ingredient to your preparations to give them more flavor and improve nutrients, for example: grated carrots, cheese strands, chopped onion, mushrooms, shredded chicken, tuna, pieces of red meat, different types of herbs or condiments, or create your own eggs even from whites and substitutes without cholesterol. Its included recipe book will help you create as a kitchen professional does.

¡Very easy!

Break, boil and serve hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, omelettes, and preparations of various super original ingredients, directly from its non-stick silicone container to your plate. You will have perfect hard-boiled eggs to serve instantly. Or eat them right out of the container without dirtying another container.

¡Thermodynamic design!

Its innovative thermodynamic technology allows you to cook eggs as if they were in their own shell, but freeing you from the tedious task of peeling them and preventing the kitchen from filling with odour. And since they will cool much faster without the shell, you will save time in your preparations.

¡Nothing sticks!

The molds are made of non-stick silicone, so nothing will stick to you when cooking, just go over them with coconut, olive, corn, mixed oil, butter or whatever you want and place the egg inside the container, put it in a bain-marie and … Ready to serve and enjoy!

¡Easy to wash!

They are super easy to wash under the faucet; You can even put them in the dishwasher and… Ready to use again!


1:Material: silicone + polypropylene.
2: Color: red
3: Product size: 7*7*9cm
4: Package Size: 20*13.5*9cm
5: Product weight: PP (15g) silica gel (15g)
6: Package Weight: 249g
7: Package Includes: 6/12 x Egg Boiler



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