All Natural Rich Honney Detox & Slimming Tea..THE PERFECT REMEDY - richhonney


All Natural Rich Honney Detox & Slimming Tea..THE PERFECT REMEDY – richhonney


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Rich Honney Flat Tummy Tea purportedly helps in  fat loss and cleanses the body of toxins by increasing metabolism, burning fat, boosting energy levels, and suppressing appetite. The combination of these ultimately results in fat loss.

Our tea has been specially created with carefully researched natural herbal ingredients known for their weight loss, slimming and detox benefits.

This perfect blend of active ingredients works together to provide the best support to help you get the shape you want.

Unisex… Great for Both Men & Women

Why Detox?

The best way to kickstart a diet is to detox your body so that you start fresh. Your raging appetite is the result of the buildup of toxins in your body. When toxins build up, your body is no longer able to successfully digest and absorb all of the nutrients in your food. This leaves you feeling hungry because your body is craving nutrients that are crucial for normal body function.

Despite the fact that you may be eating a sufficient amount of food, you still find yourself hungry an hour after eating. When you remove all of the toxins built up in your body, your body will be able to effectively absorb the nutrients from your food, vitamins, and supplements.

Our tea contains ingredients that are crucial for removing toxins, cleaning the colon, losing weight, and suppressing appetite. The best part? Rich Honney Slimming & Detox Tea is delicious and it is gentle on the digestive system.

What is Rich Honney Tea Gentle Detox?

Our all-natural herbal colon cleanse teas have been crafted with love to help remove toxins from your body, reduce overall stress levels, and help you feel more energized. These delicious detoxifying teas help support healthy digestion by easing bloating, constipation, and other stomach woes. Featuring a delicious blend of beneficial herbs, this detox and weight loss tea both supports overall immune and digestive health and provides a delicious break from the fast pace of modern life.

Our Slimming Tea can promote:
✅ Weight Loss ✅ Clean Colon ✅ Increase Energy✅ Healthy Digestive System✅ Reduce Bloating✅ Boost metabolism✅ Suppress appetite 

Why drink Rich Honney Tea

100% natural ingredients This is our raw material, all our raw materials are 100% pure, natural and  are the most effective weight loss.

Lotus Leaf, Senna, Tangerine Peel, Cassia, Moringa, Oolong and Green Tea

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