Spine Cushion Pack - spinedeck


Spine Cushion Pack – spinedeck




After so many requests, the SpineDeck® Team has decided to work on a solution for the aching stretch sessions, caused by the 88 acupuncture points the SpineDeck has. 

While these points facilitate better blood flow and extra back massage, when using the SpineDeck for extended periods of time, especially while sitting, the 88 acupuncture points can be hurting. 

That is why we have created an in-house, Cushion Pack, to make your relaxation even more comfortable.

How does it work?

You can easily attach the cushion on top of the bending arch of the SpineDeck. It takes you just 5 seconds and makes a huge difference.

The foam inside the cushion will cover up the entire top surface of the SpineDeck, making your relaxation session a bliss.

This cushion cover will work with any of your old SpineDecks, so you can feel free to get one, even if you have purchased our Original SpineDeck 1.0.

However, we did not stop here. 

We included an extra blue strip, that can be easily slotted in the two holes at the top of the SpineDeck. This blue strip is designed to protect your spine, but allow the Acupuncture point to do their job

What’s in the pack?

  • 1x SpineDeck Cushion cover
  • 1x SpineDeck Blue Foam Strip


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