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OfficeDeck Correct Back While Sitting – spinedeck


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Sit in perfect posture effortlessly, easing back pain and helping prevent it.

Make any chair ergonomic.

Lightweight and portable so you can wear it in office, on the couch or while travelling.

You can get back your natural posture while standing, as a reward for wearing it for just 15 minutes while sitting.

Get instant back pain relief or your money back!

In an age where most of us spend long hours hunched over desks, computer keyboards, incorrect posture is fast becoming a modern-day health epidemic.

OfficeDeck helps you sit in perfect posture and help relieve that chronic back pain.

It can be used for hours while sitting anywhere, but just 15 minutes will help you correct your posture. You will see that progress next time you stand!

Sitting posture while working.

You can fix that instantly, just like putting a seatbelt on! 

The root of all problems is the pelvis. OfficeDeck focuses on fixing that issue by stabilizing this area and as a result restoring your spine’s natural curvature.

Does this actually work?

It’s not technology or medication.. pure physics. And we all trust physics!

Make any $5 chair, ergonomic. 

You can simply put your OfficeDeck on and sit correctly for a fraction of an ergonomic chair. Plus, you can take this “chair” with you anywhere.

In the living room, kitchen, office, gym or a plane.. yes, works even while meditating.

Office deck can be used anywhere to correct posture. At home, in the office, while travelling.

How is it different from generic posture correctors? 

  • While generic posture correctors focus on shoulders, the OfficeDeck stabilizes your pelvis to lower back, restoring your spine’s natural curvature.
  • Sitting posture corrector have a back support and straps that are secured around the knees. It uses the tension from the straps to correct posture and get spinal decompression.
  • Made with comfort in mind: does not tighten the abdomen nor the chest, so you can sit correctly effortlessly.

Fit most people

It is designed to serve as a one-size-fits-all posture correcting solution.

With adjustable straps, suitable for people of all body types, just like a car’s seatbelt.

Can be folded into a small bag for easy storage while travelling.

Take your OfficeDeck with you anywhere.


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