SpinePack - Total Body muscle relaxation - spinedeck


SpinePack – Total Body muscle relaxation – spinedeck




Combat Muscle Tension, Back and Cervical Pain with the brand NEW SpinePack!


Daily activities, sitting all day, extended computer usage, or physical activities can lead to spine and posture imbalances. Say goodbye to sciatica pain, poor posture, shoulder and cervical pain and discover the world’s first orthopaedic body pain relief pack, with the BRAND NEW SpinePack.

Upon popular demand, we have released a whole body tension decompression kit that allows you to relax your entire body, even from the most hardly accessible places like the foot sole or shoulder blades.

 The World’s First Complete Body Orthopaedic Pain Relief Pack!

The SpinePack is combined of the SpineDeck 2.0, the SpineNeck as well as 2 new product we have recently created. They are the SpineCushion and the Spike Ball.

You get ALL of the following

SpineDeck 2.0

When laying down on the back stretcher, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain.

SpineDeck 2.0 now includes Free weekly digital products, so you learn tips and tricks on how to alleviate and live comfortably without back pain. 


The SpineNeck™ creates ultimate relaxation in your neck and shoulder anytime anywhere. It helps you relieve stress, rest better and feel refreshed. It is an intelligent, personal massager.


Spike Ball


Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles and increase blood circulation in hard to reach areas. The spike ball will reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, increase body awareness and aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Spine Cushion

You can easily attach the cushion on top of the bending arch of the SpineDeck. It takes you just 5 seconds and makes a huge difference.

The foam inside the cushion will cover up the entire top surface of the SpineDeck, making your relaxation session a bliss, removing the discomfort that may be caused  by the 88 acupuncture points on the SpineDeck.



Along with all of the produts descibed above, the SpinePack comes with caryying bags for all the products, so you can easily take them anywhere as well as boxes to store them securely.

Finally, the information provided to you in the pack as well as online, will make your life so much more comfortable and relaxing.

We really believe you will love the complete body tension relaxation provided by the SpinePack. It is the best all around body relaxation device that can last for years.

SpineDeck® is the original creator and the only seller of the SpinePack. We do not sell anywhere else, other than this website.


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