Silkura Heatless Curling Headband Set


Silkura Heatless Curling Headband Set




ūüĆüWrap these sleep-friendly curlers on, you’ll get bouncy curls without hair damageūüĆü

Heatless hair curlers are nothing new, but our latest Silkura satin-textured curlers figure a way easier than ever. Our heatless hair curler kit comes complete with a satin-wrapped foam curling rod, 2 satin scrunchies and 1 matching claw clip. 

ūüí°How to use Silkura headband?

Simply place the ribbon over your head like a headband, using the clip to hold it in place. Start from the top and twist sections of hair around the ribbon, adding more little by little, then tie scrunchies at the end to keep everything in place. Then, cuddle up to your pillow! The last visual-satisfying step after a sleep: remove this headband and shake out beyond-perfect waves!

ūüí°How long can the curls last?

Generally it can last half a day without hair fix spray, but surely the durability is also affected if your hair is wrapped loosely. We highly recommend applying hair spray and wrapping tightly for stay-all-day hairstyles!

The Best Hair-friendly Curler!

The heatless curler stick does not produce any toxic chemicals that might possibly harm or dry the tresses. Making it safe for all different hair types, including thick, thin, straight, curly hair and even hair extensions with medium to long length. No worries as it offers a flexible, cotton-filled design which enables it to comfortably sleep in as it preps your locks through the night. Moreover, the curler stick adopts a silky satin material that glides smoothly to your locks to avoid pulling, snagging and breakages.

ūüĆüWake up with gorgeous-wavy curls with Silkura’s hair styling tool!ūüĆü


  • Perfect Heatless Curls
    A silk, headband stick where you can safely wrap your locks all night to reveal stunning, bouncy mermaid-like heat-free waves as you wake up. Saving you from the hours of sitting in front of a mirror and exhaustingly curling hair with iron and other heat curler tools. An ideal healthy curling stick for those who want to sport naturally looking curls daily and those who want to style, but always on time crunch. No worries as this no-heat curler offers a long-lasting result so you can show off your beachy waves all day long and night!

  • Non-Damaging Hair Curling
    This curler stick is specially designed to deliver perfect, bouncy curls without exposing your tresses to damaging heat and styling products. Preventing your follicles from drying and weakening which can lead to unwanted breakages or worse hair thinning and hair loss. It adopts a quality silk fabric so it can be confidently wrapped on even with fragile tresses without pulling and harming. Additionally, this smart curler stick is highly flexible and packed with soft cotton which enables it to comfortably sleep overnight.
  • Easy & Comfortable To Use

    The handy hair curler stick lets you create professional, springy locks in just a few easy steps. Simply wrap your tresses around the curler stick, secure both ends with the included scrunchies, wait overnight to wake up with beautiful curls in the morning! No more complicated settings, heat temperatures or part by part hair curling needed! You can now have effortless beach waves for parties, proms, dates, anniversaries, photoshoots, and such without the need to run through the nearest hair salon. 

  • Tangle-free Quality Material
    Luxuriously made with high-quality silk cotton & filled with soft foam. Its stain-textured surface allows your hair to smoothly glide and wrap your locks without causing tangle, frizz and hair breakage.

  • Portable Design
    Lightweight and it features a compact design which allows it to be neatly stashed through your bags without taking up space. Allowing you to achieve gorgeous wavy locks that every lady would envy anytime, anywhere you are. Ideal when you’re out on travels, business trips, vacations, hotels, apartments and so on.
  • For All Hair Types
    This no-heat curler rod is long enough to accommodate different hair types and volumes. It also does not emit any toxic chemicals or materials that might cause snagging and damage the locks. Suitable for thick hair, thin hair, straight hair, curly hair and even hair extensions with medium to long length.


1. Wash and dry your hair (>80% dry is better)

2. Fix the curler on the middle of your head with a claw

3. Tie your hair around the curler strands by strands

4. Tie the end of your hair with silk scrunchies

5. Wait a few hours or sleep in them overnight to get lovely curls!


  • Material: Silk Cotton
  • Headband¬†Size: 2.5 x 100cm
  • Scrunchies Size: 3.5 x 10cm
  • Claw Clip Size: 9.5 x 5.5cm
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Champagne / Black / Leopard


  • 1 x¬†Heatless Curling Headband Stick
  • 2 x Scrunchies
  • 1 x Claw Clip


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